Kightlinger & Gray, LLP is committed to a culture of excellence and collegiality. We respect, value and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. We believe that diversity, inclusion and the acceptance of different perspectives enhance our ability to provide the best services to our clients and to create a supportive environment for our personnel by providing all persons with opportunities to achieve their full potential and individual success. To that end, we strive to cultivate and maintain talented individuals of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints in order to fulfill this commitment. Kightlinger & Gray, through the works of the Diversity Committee, looks for continued opportunities to support and foster inclusion and diversity within our firm.

Under this statement we look to the following definitions:

Diversity: the quality of being different or unique at the individual or group level. This term includes age; ethnicity; gender; gender identity; language differences; nationality; parental status; physical, mental and developmental abilities; race; religion; sexual orientation; skin color; socio-economic status; the perspectives of each individual shaped by their nation, experiences and culture—and more.

Inclusion: a plan or action to expand and enhance diversity in an organization. Diversity always exists in social systems. Inclusion, on the other hand, must be created. In order to enhance diversity, an environment must be created where people feel accepted, supported, listened to and able to do their personal best.

Through this commitment, Kightlinger & Gray engages in community diversity events, organizations and causes for the betterment of all.

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