COVID-19 and Product + Professional Liability

Kightlinger & Gray attorneys have extensive training and the experience necessary to navigate the often choppy waters of both product liability and professional liability litigation. With the novel Coronavirus affecting every aspect of business operations, we are prepared to handle issues that may arise with products and/or professional services. Our attorneys are involved in every step of each case, from initial investigation, to product contamination or failure analysis, ongoing investigations, litigation and all the way through resolution. Our goal is to provide you with the dedication and attention that is needed, prepare and receive updates on the direction of incident investigations, provide insight and recommendations on expert witnesses and assist with the crucial issue of evidence preservation. We are aware of the changes COVID-19 has brought to many business operations and are prepared to counsel on the best measures to take as the business world begins making strides to get back to normal operations as well as provide guidance on issues that may have occurred during the outbreak of COVID-19.

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