COVID-19 and Premises Liability

We are prepared to assist insureds in terms of both consultation on preventative measures and handling of premises liability litigation stemming from claims of exposure to the novel Coronavirus. We are pleased to consult with businesses and other entities to assist them in determining how they can meet legal duties imposed on them in regard to providing a reasonably safe environment for their invitees in the face of COVID-19. Our expertise in Indiana premises liability law equips us to offer strategies to premises owners and occupiers for discovering and mitigating risks in the era of COVID-19, including precautionary sanitizing procedures, health monitoring, and patron communication.  In the event that a premises liability lawsuit alleging Coronavirus exposure is filed against a business, other entity or individual, we are prepared to litigate the matter and present a strong defense for the insured based on our experience in Indiana premises liability law generally and our ongoing commitment to staying abreast of developments related to COVID-19.

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