COVID-19 and Coverage + Insurance Liability

The impact of the Coronavirus on business has raised many questions regarding whether insurance will cover any losses related to COVID-19. These losses are being presented in many forms and under both first-party and third-party policies including commercial general liability policies, business interruption coverage, workers compensation insurance, civil authority coverage and many more. Numerous policyholders have already filed lawsuits throughout the country seeking declarations regarding the coverage obligations of their respective insurers and some state legislatures have begun taking action to outline the insurance coverage obligations of insurers operating in their respective states. Our firm is staying abreast of the ongoing coverage issues presented by losses due to the Coronavirus and how those issues are being handled not only in Indiana and Kentucky, but throughout the country. Further, we also understand that these ongoing coverage issues may expose insurance producers and brokers to liability claims. With our understanding of the developing landscape of insurance coverage for COVID-19 related losses, we are prepared to assist those individuals in navigating any liability claims and representing them in any litigation that may arise as a result.

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