5 Minute Focus- Get to Know Your K&G Attorneys- Senior Partner Aubrey Noltemeyer

5 Minute Focus- Get to Know Your K&G Attorneys- Senior Partner Aubrey Noltemeyer
  • *In a new feature, Kightlinger & Gray will be highlighting attorneys to help you get to know your team at K&G in short 5 minute interviews.

5 Minute Focus- Senior Partner Aubrey Noltemeyer

  • Did you have any moments in law school that made you second guess your career path?
    • In reflecting, once I made the decision to go to law school, I was completely dedicated to graduating and becoming an attorney, and did not have any second guessing.
  • What would you tell someone on the fence about becoming a lawyer, or trying to decide about this career path?
    • I would tell someone with the desire and ability to put in the hard work needed to become an attorney that her dedicated work ethic will create the opportunity to be successful. Also, remember to be kind to everyone you encounter on your way through law school and thereafter because the world is small.  Your graciousness will benefit you in the future, as you encounter the same individuals as your career progresses and in your daily work.
  • What has been a defining moment in your legal career?
    • The slow, and sometimes painful, process of learning to how to succeed and work under difficult circumstances is a continual defining moment that has repeatedly paid dividends.
  • What would you want someone outside the legal field to know about your job?
    • The heart of litigation attorney is a problem solver. Litigation attorneys are looking for creative ways to achieve our client’s goals as well as present a resolution that is amenable to the opposing party.  This translates into our private lives too as we are the solution finders for everyday problems.
  • What is an interesting fact about you?
    • I have been on stage with Willie Nelson during a musical performance – he’s an amazing performer!


Aubrey K. Noltemeyer is a Senior Partner at Kightlinger & Gray, and focuses her law practice on the defense of businesses in employment-related litigation. Aubrey represents employers in in litigation in Indiana state and federal courts in employment-related matters as well as administrative proceedings before the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Aubrey also provides business counseling in the areas of hiring, termination, benefit analysis, and litigation strategies to minimize exposure due to employment decisions.

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