Workers Compensation Matter Handling and

Litigation Through Kightlinger & Gray

Workers’ Compensation is a unique practice area of the law, as it can touch just about all areas of business if there are employees. In Kightlinger & Gray’s workers’ compensation practice, our attorneys represent insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured businesses when claims are filed by employees. Additionally, our attorneys routinely advise employers and insurers on all aspects claims filing, including the overlapping disability and employment issues, regulatory changes, and more.

Number of Weeks

Throughout the process, from start to finish, we walk our clients through step by step, counseling employers through the filing of proper state forms, representation throughout all phases of litigation, resolution of subrogation claims and liens, and reporting requirements of other agencies. The workers’ compensation system can be tedious and complicated, and our experienced attorneys understand this can create frustration, and understand this is where our help can becomes invaluable.

Present Value

Workers’ compensation lawsuits differ from other types of lawsuits in that the monetary payout received through workers’ compensation can be dispersed over a period of time, rather than a final lump sum paid out at the end of the lawsuit. While a workers’ compensation case does eventually reach an end result, a constant process of counseling from the attorneys handling the case can impact the direction the case goes, and how much can be received throughout the life of the claim.

Life Expectancy

Calculated from CDC’s “Table 1: Life Table for the total population: United States, 2019” for the Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set Aside

Our clients want to be sure they are receiving the best recommendations possible as their cases are pursued, and the experienced attorneys of the Kightlinger & Gray Workers’ Compensation Practice Area are fully prepared to meet those client needs.

Accessibility Plus Experience

With five offices throughout Indiana and Kentucky, we can work to minimize our clients’ overall cost of defending claims resulting from workplace injuries. We regularly defend employers before the Workers’ Compensation Boards of Indiana and Kentucky, as well as the Courts of Appeals, and Supreme Courts, of both states.

With multiple locations, Kightlinger & Gray can also provide our clients with convenient accessibility to our attorneys, as well as several other notable benefits. With more attorneys in more locations, our attorneys gain more experience in front of judges, opposing counsel, and doctors across many jurisdictions. We think this is important in working towards the best outcome we can for our clients.

Another benefit of hiring the attorneys in the Kightlinger & Gray Workers’ Compensation Practice Area, is the extensive experience in employment law, through the attorneys own employment practices, or a background in employment law. With the large amount of overlap between workers’ compensation and employment law, this experience offers a great advantage to our clients.

As the workers’ compensation field continues to grow more complex with each passing year, our attorneys also offer educational classes and seminars for clients and professional organizations on various topics, including, but not limited to:

  • New appellate decisions
  • Legislative changes
  • New form filings
  • Policy recommendations and policy crafting

Further Resources

For more information on rates and other state-specific workers’ compensation information, please visit the official government websites for the states in our practice areas:

A proud supporter of Kids’ Chance of Indiana.

Kids’ Chance of Indiana provides scholarships that make a significant difference in the lives of all children affected by their parents’ workplace injury by helping them pursue and achieve their educational goals.

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