Trademark and Copyright Infringement Matter Handling and

Litigation Through Kightlinger & Gray

Kightlinger & Gray’s Trademark and Copyright Infringement attorneys are experienced at litigating and counseling clients regarding copyright and trademark issues.  Our team has vigorously defended clients against infringement actions based on a number of specialized issues including, among others, construction and architectural designs, advertising, and computer programming.  In the internet age, social media, and virtually unlimited instant sharing of information, businesses and individuals face the constant risks of inadvertently infringing the intellectual property rights of others and of infringement on their own rights.

What Can the Kightlinger & Gray Experienced Team Do For You?

Whether you or your business need counsel to defend against an infringement lawsuit, want to put an end to the wrongful use of your trademark or other intellectual property, or simply seek to prospectively protect your creative works, the attorneys of Kightlinger & Gray, LLP have the experience you need to navigate this complex legal field. Our team can guide you through the complex field.

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